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Our Next 2020 Educational Forum

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic our next 2020 Educational Forum will be delayed until the late summer or early Fall of 2020. We expect to have Father Thomas Reese, s.j., former editor-in-chief of America Magazine speaking on "Clericalism". Watch this spot for updates as the current situation clarifies.

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Thursday, February 20, 2020, 1pm
Sister Simone Campbell, sss

The State of the Union: An Alternative Vision

Saint Blase Parish
12151 15 Mile Road  Sterling Heights, MI

Sister Simone Campbell is the Executive Director of the NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice —a federal advocacy organization founded by Catholic Sisters to lobby in Washington, DC for policies that mend the gaps in income and wealth in the United States.

Image: Simone CampbellShe has led six cross-country "Nuns on the Bus" trips focused on tax justice, healthcare, economic justice, comprehensive immigration reform, voter turnout, bridging divides in politics and society, and mending the gaps.

Sister Simone Campbell wrote the famous "Nuns' Letter," considered by many as critically important in convincing Congress to support the Affordable Care Act in 2010, and is the author of "A Nun on the Bus: How All of Us Can Create Hope, Change, and Community," published by HarperCollins.

She has received numerous awards, has spoken at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, and has appeared on 60 Minutes, The Colbert Report, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. She is a religious leader, attorney, and poet with extensive experience in public policy and advocacy for systemic change.

A light lunch will be served at noon. Please RSVP Tom Kyle at tom.j.kyle.1939@gmail.com or at (248) 987•2223 if you would like to have lunch.

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Last Updated March 19, 2020

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