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  • Abood, Sir Jeffery Jan 18, 2017: The Holy Land—Hearing the Call of the Mother Church

  • Allen, John Jan 21, 2008: The U.S. Catholic Church—A Global Perspective

  • Fr. Jim Bacik:
  • May 26, 2010: What the Spirit Is Saying to the Church through Young Adults

  • Sept. 11, 2018: Pope Francis & His Critics
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  • Macy:, Dr. Gary May 3, 2013: Women's Ministry in the Early Church

  • Martin, Fr. James, sj Jan. 28, 2018: Building a Bridge between LGBT People and the Church

  • Martos:, Dr. Joseph May 3, 2013: How We Got Into This Mess (Why Sacraments Don't Work the Way They Are Supposed To)

  • Massingale, Bryan Nov. 7, 2007: Prophetic Ministry in the Church Today

  • Massingale, Bryan February 4, 2011: Malcolm X as a Model for Catholic Theological Reflection

  • McBrien, Richard Oct. 10, 2005: Critical Issues Facing the Church

  • Robert McClory Sept. 10, 2009: Faithful Dissenters

  • Mickens, Robert:
  • O'Brien, David Aug. 27, 2007: The Call to Action Process

  • O'Malley, Fr. John sj May 21, 2009: What Happened at Vatican II

  • Orsy, Fr. Ladilaus sj May 10, 2011: Spirit of Obedience in a Troubled Church

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  • Pope, Dr. Stephen:
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